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    AME Quicktime H.264 Field Type Bug ?

    juskocf Level 1
      No matter you choose Lower or Upper Field First in the Field Type of AME Export Settings, the rendered video is Progressive.

      Could anyone confirm this is a bug please ?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          Not a bug. Only certain profiles and levels of H.264 allow for field-based encoding. I believe that Baseline does not provide for field-based encoding; you need to set it to Main or High. As far as the level, you'll need to experiment with that.

          Depending on your target medium, you might not want field-based encoding, anyway. For web, computer, and most portable device playback, you'll want the file progressive.
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            Level 1
            FWIW - I also don't see any weirdness exporting QT h.264 with respect to field order. I just tested exporting some w/ upper field first, imported the clip back into PP CS4, select interpret footage, and I can see it declares it upper field first. Viewing in QT Pro show the clip is obviously interlaced as well.
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              juskocf Level 1
              Thank you Colin and Brian for your testing.:)

              I am used to using a small program called "Mediainfo" to see the property of a video and it shows the rendered video is Progressive no matter I set the field type to upper or lower field. I was misled by the Mediainfo program this time.

              I admit this is my mistake for not confirming the video property with another more trusty programs like PP or AE.

              Best Regards