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    Premiere CS4 not installing...


      I am trying to install the CS4 Master Collection Trial to test the ne Premiere CS4, but the installer is saying: "PowerPC not supported!".

      But i am having a Windows PC, Win XP Pro, Athlon XP 3000+, 2 GB RAM...

      Where is the problem?

      Thanks in advance...

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          Hallo? Can nobody help me?
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            Your AMD processor does not have SSE2 instructions, which is a requirement for CS4:


            (Look for the light gray note)

            Translation: your computer is too old.
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              pwrshift Level 1
              What does that mean ... SSE2-enabled processor? Can you buy it or adapt it to a computer with AMD ... both my laptop and desktop are AMD and I have only tried installing on my laptop (AMD Turion X2) so far and it won't install ... but I got no direction or warning as to what was wrong. Will I have to return the software to Adobe?
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                >Will I have to return the software to Adobe?

                That, or get a newer CPU.
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                  pwrshift Level 1
                  Tell me about my Desktop before I uninstall the CS2 suite which works fine now. I want to upgrade to CS4 unless it's going to cost me a ton to upgrade my desktop .. and was hoping my laptop could be my backup install.

                  For CS4 suite my desktop specs are:
                  AMD Athlon(tm)64x2 Dual
                  Core Processor 4800+
                  2.41 GHz, 3.25 GB RAM
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                    joshtownsend Level 2
                    'Tell me', well yes sir.
                    This is a USER forum we don't work for Adobe so please and thank you would be courteous. People are helping you out just to be nice. No one is getting paid here.

                    Try to install it and see yourself. No reason to uninstall CS2 at all anyway.

                    Easy way is to check yourself by downloading CPUID

                    Run the program and if it says SSE2 your good to go.
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                      pwrshift Level 1
                      Josh, I'm very sorry you took my message as discourteous. It was a poor word choice. I do fully appreciate this user forum and realize how useful it is to all of us.

                      Thanks for your suggestion. I opened CPU-Z and it listed under "Instructions" SSE2 so I guess that means I should be OK on my Desktop. I'll try the same on the laptop. Appreciate your help.

                      I wasn't aware you could run CS2 and CS4 on the same machine and might try that if I can't get the laptop to load CS4. However, the installation instructions from Matrox for their RT.X2 board said to uninstall CS2 before installing CS4 as there could cause a conflict with their software. Decisions Decisions. :)
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                        joshtownsend Level 2
                        It's cool man.

                        You should be OK then. So Matrox has the boards working with CS4 now? Cool. I want one. You still could use a good upgrade. New processor and motherboard for a fast quad intel is supercheap right now. $500 bucks will buy you a new motherboard ans new Intel i7.

                        Yeah go ahead and uninstall CS2 (you can always reinstall it, right). Just let us know how the board works CS4. I'm curious.
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                          pwrshift Level 1
                          Matrox just brought out their 4.0 Tools software, probably for Premiere CS4. I have had the board for some time, but with CS4 will have to install it too in order to work. A little more complicated than a straight install of CS4 I guess.

                          If I did upgrade the processor and motherboard on my desktop, what would you suggest and I'll call the guy who made my desktop and find out the cost? Didn't realize it was only $500 to do it - times have changed.

                          Checked my laptop with the CPU-z and it has the SSE2 on it so I don't know why it wouldn't install -- will have to call Adobe for help I guess.

                          Thanks for your help.