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    Frustations with Adobe in general


      I have been using Premiere since vers. 6.5 and must say, that I am very dissapointed with the way Premiere has developed. Every new update brought more and more problems along, even though good things as well were added to the software, and the frustations reached the peek, when CS4 came.
      As many others on this forum, I cant export my movie with Adobe media Encoder even though I have tried all the solutions suggested in this forum - I have even reinstalled Windows XP.......still the problem remains. So I had to reinstall CS3, so I could use the "export to movie" function. - I am considering to change my editing application to either Avid or Edius. Even though Adobe has their integration bit with all other Adobe programs, I think the problems with Premiere justify a change.
      So if you read this Adobe, I hope you will change your marketing strategy in the future. It is as if you market/sell your products with in build bugs/problems, so everyone looks forward to upgrade......but not for me - that time is over.

      I use:
      Dell Presicion 670,
      Dual Xenon 3 GHz
      4 Gb Ram
      512 Mb Ram Graphics card