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    Repeated Delays when Alt-Tabbing Back to Premiere Pro CS4

      I'm experiencing a lengthy delay every time I switch away from Premiere Pro CS4 to another app and then switch back. Every time I Alt-tab back I get the hourglass cursor for 35 sec. Then, it goes through a generating peak file phase for each of the clips in the project. This goes more quickly, maybe 5-15 sec. But it does this EVERY SINGLE TIME I return to PP from another app.

      This is on a newly built Windows XP 64 system based on the brand new Core i7 940 with 12 GB of RAM and four 500 GB+ hard disks. I've set the two media caches to each be on different disks. The system disk is a third disk and the project is on the fourth disk. There's no way this system should be slow with this material. The project is a lynda.com beginner's tutorial; we're talking half a dozen 15-second sequences.

      How can I stop PP from going through this lengthy delay each and every time I switch back to it?

      David Salahi