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    Crashes when editing DV

    PaulMurphy Level 2
      I recently upgraded from CS2 to CS4. Premiere titles work fine. Photoshop images work fine. Uncompressed avi files work fine. The only thing that is giving me grief is the DV files I captured using CS2.

      Loading them into either the source/program monitor will cause these windows to freeze, and then premiere crashes. They work fine in Windows Media Player. Tried capturing new files through Premiere, and they captured fine, but same playback issues.

      If I try to export a file to DV avi, it loads into the Encoder list, with the status "Waiting", but nothing happens. Any thoughts?

      Sherlock tells me my DV codec is all good, but my Main Concept (Adobe2) encoders were not uninstalled correctly.

      Windows XP Professional
      Service Pack 3
      Pentium(R) D 3.4 Ghz
      2 GB of RAM