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    I need help export on dvd premiere pro cs4

      Hi, I am a new consumer of Premiere Cs4 and I need help. I have used, in my life, only simple authoring programs as well as Pinnacle studio and now I have some problems with Premiere. I hope that someone help me and it answer my simple questions.
      1) In studio I knew, in real time, how much space the project occupied on the DVD but in premiere? How I can know speedily how much space occupied my project? I have noticed that the space occupied is visualized in encore but it is the unique methods for to have this information?
      2) Because the space occupied from the project not change when I change the preference of project? An example: I create a project and I export it in encore. I set bitrate 8 and the project occupied 50mb. If I change the bitrate, an example 6, the space occupied not change! Why?