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    Remotely invoke a CFC?

    bmelendy Level 1
      It appears that you can't invoke a CFC remotely using CreateObject. I've been trying by including all four arguments (type, class, context and server) like so:

      <cfset CleanClaim = createObject("component", "ocs4.ic.IsClean","remote"," http://mxtest2.emp.state.or.us:7084").init( DSN = "#mydsn#") />

      However, it always get a message that, "Could not find the ColdFusion Component ocs4.ic.IsClean". Everything works if I copy the CFC to the local server and execute it like so:

      <cfset CleanClaim = createObject("component", "iic.utility.IsClean").init( DSN = "#mydsn#") />

      Wondering if anyone has even gotten this to work? Thanks for any input.