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    Slow Playback of an Exported Movie

      My final version of video when played in Windows Media Player appears slow, slightly jumpy - and as though it is missing frames.

      The video clips that I captured from my Sony Mini DV Camcorder via Firewire seem to play great, smooth and lifelike.

      I have just checked the properties of the final video and the 'Captured' clips (Right click on avi file and select Properties in Windows Explorer) and have noticed that the BIT RATES are different - 1024kbps on the Captured Clips, and 1536kbps on the Final Video version.

      Also - the image Width and Height pixel sizes are different - 720x576 on the Captured Clips from the camcorder and 720x480 on the Final Video version.

      Could this be causing the problem?

      I seem to also notice slower playback when reviewing the sequence within Premier Pro.

      Any thoughts/solutions would be gratefully received....!