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    slow performance-CS4, why?

      I have a Q9450 proccessor, Vista 64 bit with 4GB ram. ever since I installed CS4, things are going a bit slow in PPRO, and I don't understand why?
      For example, scrubbing or playback in the timeline have become painfully slow, and sometimes, I see leftovers of the marker, as if I don't have enough memory (it's hard to explain in writing... I hope

      you got it). Overall, all the symptoms shows I don't have enough memory, because of the slow performance, but it doesn't make sense, cause I have 4 GB, and in CS3 it all worked great.
      Any suggetsions?
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          shooternz Level 6
          How was CS3 under VISTA?
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            worked just great...
            I don't get it.
            I googled a bit and found this thread:

            read what Dave Helmly at Adobe had to say (below):

            YES we use all Cores for playback , effects, and rendering for both Mac and Windows.
            I highly recommend switching to Vista 64 if you are a Windows user (Mac guys are OK with 10.5.4 or higher) Vista 64 will allow Production Premium CS4 to run using more than 4GB of Ram (XP/Vista32 Limitation). As with most NLEs, there are several programs running at the same time to give you the NLE experience. CS4 now allows each process to take up to 4Gb of RAM. If you have 16GB of RAM, then 4 processes can take up to 4GB each. This is a HUGE advantage over CS3. What are some examples of processes? DynamicLink, AfterServer, Photoshop Server, Adobe Media Encoder, Titler, Playback, Capture, Importer, and many more. I tell most people to count on buying 8GB minium.

            So maybe I have to add more ram, in order CS4 to run properly...
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              shooternz Level 6
              I run it fine with 4GB in XP32 Pro

              What media are you editing with?
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                Rergular AVI footage from a mini dv sony camera (not HD or somthing...).
                Do you use alot of AE in your project? Cause I use alot... (with dynamic link)
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                  shooternz Level 6
                  I rarely use DL but I am just about to embark on a Project that I intend to utilise it a lot. (HD project )

                  Interesting to see if I experience any slow down issues
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                    I had terrible preview playback and some bugs, Today I updated my NVidia driver, switched the playback quality to draft quality (by right clicking on the preview window), and put the Quality/Performance marker a step closer to performance on my NVidia Control panel, which was under the regular control panel. CS4 seems to be working great now.
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                      I am afraid I just have a plain old Pentium 4 (3.4) with 3GB of RAM which is what Adobe say is the minimum spec for CS3 and CS4 (they actually say 2GB of RAM). HDV plays back fine in the timeline and source monitor using CS3 BUT IS JERKY AND FREEZES WITH CS4 and is virtually unusable (even with the draft quality setting on) . If Adobe have changed the minimum requirements for CS4 to a bigger processor with lots more RAM (perhaps running VISTA 64) they should say so up front. I feel I have been duped on this one and wish I had waited to upgrade to CS4 until I upgrade my hardware. I will have to go back to using PPro CS3. At least I havnt deinstalled it yet.

                      I would advise anyone against upgrading to PPro CS4 unless they are prepared to upgrade their hardware way up above the so-called minimum spec. Adobe need to retest CS4 on different hardware platforms and revise their minumum requirements.
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                        Do you have Edius or any other NLE installed in your system?