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    Dynamic Link doesn't bring dissolves across to AE

      Since I can't render out of Premiere (and i've done everything suggested to remedy the problem... uninstall, reinstall, clean script, spin around three times in my chair while drinking green tea... EVERYTHING.), i've resorted to bringing the project into AE and rendering out from there.

      Problem now is, whether i dynamic link to the project or if i just import the Premiere project, all my simple transitions (dissolves!) don't come across. Example, I have a color matte (white) fading up over a clip dissolving to another clip, but it comes into AE as a hard cut. And this is true for ALL my transitions. Whether they are on their own fading in and out over video, or dissolving between 2 clips on the same video track.

      I don't want to say that Premiere CS4 is garbage, but its garbage! If it wasn't going to work, it'd be best if it just didn't let you import anything. Then at least you couldn't start your project. Instead we do everything like we have been trained to do with adobe products and we get screwed in the end. It'd be like buying a car, that opens, starts when you turn the key, goes when you press the gas... just won't stop when you slam on the brakes. Sort of like that...

      Any help or insight would be great!


      I'm on a mac, 10.5 (leopard)