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    Installing Hard Drive for Capture - Formatting for optimal performance?

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      Hello Friends,

      I have been reading the forum for a few weeks in preparation for new computer and CS4 install. I am about to install the hard drive that will be my capture drive and I wanted to know about formatting for optimal performance. The drive comes pre-formatted FAT 32, which if I recall correctly has a file size limitation of 4-GB.

      My system is AMD Quad core 9500, 6-GB ram, 7200rpm E-sata executable drive @ 3.0 Gbs with Windows Vista 64 Home Premium. The c:\ drive is NTFS.

      As I am writing this... I think I should format NTFS. Can you confirm? Any other settings or optimization advice you can offer while I am setting up is greatly appreciated. Is there anything you found out recently that falls into the category: "I wish I had known that when I was setting up my computer!".

      Thank you in advance!