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    Dynamic Link workflow  ...

    shooternz Level 6
      Starting a Project that wll be my first proper excursion into DL between Premiere and AEFX. (I usually use intermediates)

      I am wondering which way to set the DL up.

      The TVC project is basically all AEFX so do I start the Project in AEFX and DL to Premiere or Start in Premiere and DL to AEFX.

      I want to run all the Preview work from Premiere(eg. client viewing) so I suspect I start in Premiere (?). I am hoping to only have the AEFX_Link_comp as my only media assett in Premiere. All other assetts will be in AEFX.

      Finally I will complete the Post in Premiere. eg. audio tracks, ID boards, leaders, simple graphics etc.

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          joshtownsend Level 2
          Just don't expect realtime playback with your AE dynamic link. There's such thing. You'd have to do Preview then rerender the preview if you change something in AE.

          Remember AE is not a realtime program so your not gonna get realtime just because you stick it in Premiere.
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            shooternz Level 6
            I dont mind rendering.

            Assume I need to Preview in AEFX then Render in Premiere.

            I am in the middle of some tests at the moment and its basically working how I want it to. Learning more as I proceed.

            BTW - I had to start in AEFX and then open Premiere and Import via DL to get the workflow I want. ie a single stream of video in Premiere from an AEFX Comp .