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    What is optimal system to run CS4?

      I have a pc that exceeds the minimum requirements to run CS4. The only problem is my ram, I am maxed on the mb at 2 Gb. I have read several posts regarding crashes and slowness in comparisons from CS3 to CS4. My system ran CS3 just fine. I have experienced the crashes and slowness described on other threads running CS4. I don't know that my issues are necessarily system related. I am thinking however of building a second system and am wondering what would be the optimal system configuration on which to run CS4. Ultimately, I would like a more stable working environment. Additionally, rendering and exporting seem to be taking a lot longer in CS4. An example, I created a short minute and a half video for my daughter to post for her friends. It took 3:42 minutes to export to wmv? That wasn't my experience with CS3. Please give me your thoughts.