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    Blue screen at loading premier cs4

      I know this kind of issue is almost impossible to solve, but anyway.
      When I try to start PP CS4 I get a blue screen with message "bad_pool_caller"
      My system : (it's in french but hope you'll be able to understand)
      Système d'exploitation Microsoft Windows XP Professionnel
      1.0.2 Service Pack 3
      1.0.3 Langue locale French (France)
      1.0.4 Répertoire Windows C:\WINDOWS
      Capacité du stockage physique C: 78Go
      D: 71Go
      E: 149Go
      F: 149Go
      G: 195Go
      J: 88Go
      K: 648Go
      1.2.2 % de stockage physique utilisé 56.00%
      1.5.2 Revendeur du BIOS Dell Inc.
      1.5.3 Version du BIOS A08
      1.5.4 Date du BIOS 04/25/08
      Description NVIDIA Quadro FX 550 Compatibilité des jeux de puces NVIDIA Processeur vidéo Quadro FX 550 Version du pilote ID périphérique PnP PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_014D&SUBSYS_034910DE&REV_A2\4&CFF77C&0
      Photoshop CS4, After effect CS4 and bridge start problemless.
      Any cue or where to dig?
      Thank you.