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    External Monitoring of Audio & Video -  Setup ....so it works..how?

    shooternz Level 6
      Has anyone managed to set up an external video/audio monitoring system? ie video/audio plays on desktop as well as an external monitor in synch.

      The way that CS4 has two audio playback "systems" is absolutely confounding me in my efforts to get this to work "PROPERLY".

      1 - Playback uses one audio "system"
      2 - Scrubbing uses another

      Either the editor has vid/audio in synch and the client sees it out or vice versa. It is not even consistent between Playback or Scrubbing because of the double audio system.

      In the absence of CS4 drivers from BlackMagic (Intensity Pro), I am using an ACDV110 to playout to an external video monitor. I can get video to playout nicely from the timeline to both the Program and the external Monitor. No matter what I do with audio connections/settings... it is impossible to get Playback and scrubbing to play audio nicely with the picture on both monitors. Something is always out of synch somewhere!

      This was not an issue for me with CS3 (but the difference there was the playback settings stuck with the project) Now it is different and "broken".

      BTW - this is a separate but related issue to one I previously posted about truncated audio clips. That one I resolved satisfactorily with the older msdv.sys driver.