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    New to Premiere - CS3 to CS4

    lanstrad Level 1
      I am new to CS3 and was entitled to upgrade to CS4 which I just received. Two basic questions :

      1) Are CS4 requirements really higher than CS3 ? (My system specs below). Wonder if I would be able to use captures from HDV (miniDV camcorder) with many shots to build a final version with CS4 on this machine :

      Core 2 duo 1.86 Ghz (which I intend to upgrade to 3.0 with faster front bus (1333) and more L@ cache mem (6MB).
      4 GB RAM
      SATA2 7200 rpm drives
      nVidia 7300 GT video card (256MB RAM)
      Firewire connection
      and other non-relevant cards....
      Dual-boot : Vista x64 (SP1) and XP Pro 32bit (SP3) - presently running CS3 under Vista x64.

      2) As I am actually shooting a first project intended to be video clip mounted with many shots, should I uninstall immediately CS3 and capture under CS4 or can I capture under CS3, start to edit, then later on (when I upgrade CPU) continue the works on the project in CS4 ? (Or should I go right now to CS4 for compatibilities issues ?)