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    Export to Tape

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3
      Yesterday, we had an 8 minute SD video introduction we rough edited and needed to put back to DV Cam tape for another production company.

      Export to tape (Sony DSR-11) is generally pretty straight forward. You click on the sequence window to activate it and select File/Export/Export to Tape from the upper left Premiere CS4 menu.

      I do that,.. Export to Tape says "Recording Successful". I rewind the tape for a safety check, and the tape is blank.

      After digging around a bit, I found the solution by going to the upper right drop down menu in the sequence "Program Monitor". I selected "Playback Settings". For "External Device, "None" was selected by default, same for "Export". I changed both to the provided preset DV: 29.97 720x480i.

      Now "Export to Tape" records the sequence to tape.