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    Adding audio

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      I'm trying to make myself acquainted with Ppro, coming from PRE7.
      I'm working on an AVCHD project 5.1 audio. Two things (so far) are not clear.

      1. How can I see in the project bin, whether a clip is used or not? (In PRE7 the column usage was checked in that case)
      2. Adding an audio clip (stereo) to a new audio track gives me an uneditable piece of music. I can add keyframes (Ctrl click) but I'm not able to change length.
      I guess I'm overlooking a trivial instruction.
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          shooternz Level 6
          Q1 - Useage is checked in the Useage Column

          Uneditable ?. What are you trying to do and how?

          What type of audio file ?
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            Just a common MP3 audio file
            I just want to shorten it. I can't even move it!
            I just closed down PPro (its 23:00 here), I'll look for the usage column tomorrow.
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              Sorry Graig I can't see a column useage. Even after maximizing the project screen there is no useage checked.
              And I still have no solution for the uneditable audio tracks. When the audio track exceeds the video at the end, normally you can shorten the audio and play with the keyframes to fade it out properly.
              My project is AVCHD 5.1 and I try to add normal stereo audio tracks. Is that the problem?
              I try to use a workaround, but I did that too often in PRE7...
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                shooternz Level 6
                There is definitely a Video Useage and an Audio Useage Column in the Project Window (assuming you have not turned them off).

                It is hard to know what you are doing wroing with your audio tracks and clips.

                Change the length by click and dragging the end of the clip.
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                  akribie Level 2
                  Click on the wing menu for the project window (little solid triangle at top right). This gives you a menu from which you can select which columns you want to see. Usages are off by default.
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                    When I open the little solid triangle at top right I can choose between: All, Visible or Text transcript. Nothing about columns to be selected. So turning off or on is still a puzzle.

                    And changing the length of an audio clip is btw just the problem,the cursor doesn't change into a handle and there is nothing to drag. The only manner to activate the clip is to drag the cursor around the clip and f.e. press delete. First click on a videoclip and after that on the audio clip and nothing happens! The videoclip remains active.
                    Even more remarkable, a yellow line in the middle of the track is already present before placing an audio clip there. I can use the line for adding keyframes or fading out instead of shortening the clip.

                    I use a cleaned sequence in an old renamed project, in the former sequence there were indeed on that place audio clips. Because I use AVCHD I choosed for this method to minimise processor and/or memory usage. After cleaning I save as a new project with a the same (renamed) sequence. So I get a number of (10 minutes) projects with 1 sequence, which I can use later to burn my BR disk.