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    Learning Books

    Marvin Nauman Level 1
      Anyone know some good "How TO" books?
      I don't have hours/days to spend going though online videos or forms when I on a project and need a quick answer.

      I can't beleve Adobe now ships without manuals.

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          The Adobe Classroom-in-a-book series is usually good and thorough.

          >I can't beleve Adobe now ships without manuals.

          Who needs trees to hug when you can hug a paper factory smoke stack! :P


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            Marvin Nauman Level 1
            All they have in the production Package is CS4 is DreamWeaver.   No nothing for any of the other programs... not even manuals.<br />This is a new side of Adobe... release programs and no Manuals and no training books.   Good way to cut sales.<br /><br />Yes, Yes I know... it's saving a tree... but if you really want to save a tree, get out of your wood house, don't burn wood for heat, and the greatest tree sin of all... don't support the cutting of trees like christmas trees.  But the good news is, trees are a renewable crop.  <BG><br /><br />Ok, ok... I just went out and planted another tree in my yard... so can I have my hard copy now please?   Sorry... I needed the fun... this no manuals/instruction thing is insane.<br /><br />Marv.
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              Averdahl Level 3
              Marv, you can order the manuals from Adobe Store. I did and can confirm that they indeed smell nice! :)

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                Marvin Nauman Level 1
                Hummm. I just talked to 3 people there and they all said they don't exist, except the CS4 Production Guide, and CS4 Dreamweaver. The 3rd guy said the other Books will be avail Wednesday the 17th, so I'll wait and order then.

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                  No manuals is OK if the software cost is lowered by price of buying them. No integrity is what I would complain about. Before my purchase I called Adobe and asked "are manuals included" they said "yes". Upon receiving my upgrade no manuals were included so I called and asked why. I was told that the manuals were on .PDF files on the DVDs. After installing the software I wanted to use the new speech to text feature on a project I am working on. Not finding any controls for this feature I looked for the .PDF files and could not find them. So one of the most important reasons I upgraded is not found in the software and no manuals and misleading me has me very upset. Yes I'm very upset so I call support and get someone that speaks a version of English that would have about 5% accuracy converting it to text that said call back tech support on Monday. That 2 days from now. Adobe has created cognitive dissonance to the max.
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                    Curt Wrigley Level 4
                    How to use speech to text is explained pretty well in the help.
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                      dsladek Level 1
                      If you'd like to have a .pdf of the Premiere Pro CS4 manual, you can download it by following these steps.

                      While in PP4 launch the help, once that opens type EXPORT (or some other topic of interest). When that window opens, select the first line of the search results, when that window opens look up in the upper left corner for the download link where you can download the entire manual as an 486 page Acrobat file, complete with color illustrations.
                      You can search it or print it at as required.
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                        dsladek Level 1
                        I just noticed that when you launch the online help, there is also a little Acrobat icon in the right hand corner, Premiere Help (printable).
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                          Marvin Nauman Level 1
                          To all:
                          I'm afaired the the had writting is on the wall for Adobe. If your farmiller with Lightroom and Photoshop you know a good example of what I'm talking about. These 2 programs should be bundled together as a package or even fully intragrated together. Adobe comes with reasons why they arn't... but to us Pro Photographers... Adobe looks pretty silly with their lame excuses.

                          Tiss a sad day indeed.

                          I would go back to CS3 if I didn't need the AVCHD amoung other things, and before you knock AVCHD as some of you do, consitter this... I just came off a 8 camera Broadcast shoot, and most of my footage blew away most of the 8-12K cameras most of the time, quality wise, which surprised all of us.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8
                            What were the other cameras?
                            • 11. Re: Learning Books
                              Marvin Nauman Level 1
                              Six were what I call the traditional High Industrial/lower end Broadcast Cannons and Sony's, and another was a Broadcast Sony Beta (the Beta was next to worst). Sorry, after 28 video years, I cannot keep track of all the models any more... and these came from seven different outfits 5 of which produce Commercials.

                              Most of my footage was just supposed to be back-up, and get the shots they couldn't with the med sized cameras, plus the "News" type stuff. My back-up got mixed in with the other footage of the Tall ships sailing by and only after they picked out all the technically best footage did they discover my camera was one of 3 that outshined the rest. Blew us all away including myself, and I'm a former remote TV Broadcast Camera teck.

                              Remember... a camera is only a tool. Put any tool in the hands of a skilled craftman and they will explot the tool to it's full potential.

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                                Jim_Simon Level 8
                                I mean were they HD or SD? I'm having a hard time believing even the Panny 150 (top-of-the-line for AVCHD) can best an HD broadcast camera. I can believe it might beat an SD broadcast camera, seeing as the Panny is high definition and all.
                                • 13. Re: Learning Books
                                  Marvin Nauman Level 1
                                  HD if you had it or SD Wide if you didn't.
                                  The other cameras were only in the 8-12K range and 1-3 years old... so not that hard for me to beat (see below).

                                  But to be fair... I was shooting under optimum lighting conditions. Once the light starts dropping, the State-of-the-art "newer" higher end cameras usually separate the men from the boys.

                                  Also... I never allow any of my image gear to be around smokers, any conditions that allow crappy air particles, mist, or condensation on or in my lens, or CCD. As a Technician... it don't take much. I use to made big bucks making images better by simply cleaning the CCD's and rear lens elements of 3 chip Broadcast cameras including my own 26K camera.

                                  And yes... I doubt we'll use some of those shooters again because the quality was way under what their camera was capable of, and should have been better than mine.

                                  And Yes... For low light, I reach for another tool.

                                  • 14. Re: Learning Books
                                    Marvin Nauman Level 1
                                    Thanks Dennis, but Ouch... 486 pages, I might as well buy a Book.
                                    I have printed just sections that I needed ASAP... but this still takes time to find them and then print.

                                    Sounds like Adobe will have the full line of books by Wednesday... so I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and wip the plastic out.

                                    I noticed that some people were pretty pissed at sales, so I'll add my experience: When I pre-ordered CS4 suite and the the CS4 books, imagine my surprise when adobe sent me the CS3 suite and the CS3 books. When "I" called Adobe, I was told that "if", "I" called back when CS4 was shipping, Adobe would ship me CS4 Suite free update, but not the new CS4 Books... I would have to buy new ones. Guess what got returned!

                                    • 15. Re: Learning Books
                                      Dag Norum Level 2
                                      >Guess what got returned!

                                      Eh, your cat's litter-box?