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    No desktop video display Composite video on CS4

      Hello all,
      I just installed ADOBE CS4 Master Collection.
      All works great.

      but in premiere pro - I cant see Composite video.
      And I mean nowhere!
      Not in the program window and not in the preview window.

      not even in the small preview thumbnail in the project window (there I only see the first frame - even when I push play).

      In the title tool I see the video in the background but cannot just play it.

      I tried several clips and formats - even tried the built in UNIVERSAL COUNTER
      and simple color mattes - rendered them - but still NO COMPOSITE VIDEO!

      When I had CS3 Master collection all worked fine.

      Anyone experienced it?
      Any Ideas anyone?
      I installed in with typical install (which installes everything I think)
      and I run it now on my XP PRO 32bit OS.