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    No Playback After Render

      From what I understand, pre-rendered videos (with red bars) in Premiere would often be jerky. After it is rendered (with green bars), it should play smoothly.

      However, I recently installed the trial version of Premiere CS4 and encountered an unusual situation. Before rendering, the video is jerky (that's fine). But after rendering, the video does not play at all. The monitor seems to hang, and does not respond when I press play or drag on the timeline.

      I have tested it with very simple video clips. And the same problem occurs with all formats I have tested so far. (PAL, PAL widescreen, custom,...)

      I am using Windows XP Pro, with 2.8 ghz CPU and 2.0 gb RAM. Graphics card is Nvidia Quadro FX500.

      Has anybody encountered such a problem? Is it due to insufficient hardware or any other possible explanations?