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    What microphone would you suggest?

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      We are shooting a feature on a tight budget. While we have a boom guy, we don't have a sound mixer and need to plug the microphone directly into the XLR plugs of the camera (Sony EX1). What microphone would you recommend to get the best possible sound? Thank you.
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          joshtownsend Level 2
          How much do you have to spend Audio Technica as good shotgun mic for 300+. Other than that you have to spend 600+ on a Sennheiser.
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            joshtownsend Level 2
            oh you said best. Well Sennheiser MKH418S Stereo Shotgun Microphone for $1500 will give you the best sound. And there are better ones. Like the best wind jammer is $500. The best boom pole is around a $1000 16'(cord inside the pole).

            But if you can deal with good not best go for the one you can afford on the other post.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              That's probably better asked over in the Audition forums, whose regulars are more likely audio experts.
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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                For what? Live performance, interview, percussion, on camera, boomed?

                In what environment? Room, hall, church, outside?

                What budget?

                Under what conditions? Ambient noise, echo, reverb, windy?

                In short, yet another unanswerable question without relevant details.
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                  joshtownsend Level 2
                  Harm he said they were shooting a feature and only had a boom man, no sound operator and they were going XLR into the camera.

                  So logically he want's a boom microphone and for a low budget feature so I'm sure it might be needed in all these places. The only thing he didn't mention was his price range.

                  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this guy isn't making a movie with any real budget or he'd have a sound guy with microphones. He obviously wants a multi-purpose boom microphone.

                  I know people have calling you names and such and your right most of the time but maybe you take a break and chill out.

                  How the hell am I supposed to tell you what kind of mic when I DON'T KNOW THE GENRE????
                  just joking..
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                    All around microphone for dialog and ambiance recording. Budget: What it takes to get a good job done but hopefully no more than 500 euros.
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                      TradeWind Level 3

                      Rode NTG-2 microphone has served me extremely well, comparable to the Sennheiser ME66/K6 rig for about $200 less (currently $249 w/ free shipping in the US, probably discounted outside the US, includes a nice additional windjammer/cover).

                      Runs phantom or battery. I have found it delivers better response on phantom power than battery, but not sure anyone out there has done any testing to prove that out for certain. Just my ears.
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                        fuaho Level 1
                        Your best all around choice will be a schoeps CMC-6 preamp with an MK-41 capsule. I'd also recommend using the Cut-1.

                        This outfit will cost you more than your stated budget, but will hold its resale value so you can sell it with little/no loss after the shoot.

                        Another alternative would be to simply rent on a weekly or monthly basis. As long as you don't damage it, that will initially be less expensive than a purchase although more costly in the long run as you will not recoup any of the rental costs.

                        This combination has the best interior location and off-axis sound of anything else out there and is very forgiving if your boomman is a little late in following the talent.

                        For exteriors, you'll need a good Rycote zeppelin with Windjammer.

                        If you are going directly into the camera and using AGC, be aware that you run the risk of hearing "pumping" of the audio if there is much background sound. Also, mic level inputs are more susceptible to hum from dimmers, rf, etc.

                        If at all possible, it is much better to run the mic through a mixer and take the audio into the camera at line level with manual gain. This gives the added ability for your boomman to more easily monitor what he's (she's) doing through the mixer using headphones.

                        Another very useful item will be a "breakaway" cable.