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    Noise reduction

      I filmed a short scene at sea for a clip I am making.
      The problem is that the sea is making a whole lot of noise and it really bothers me.
      Is there a way to reduce the noise that the sea make? How do I do that?

      And anothe question that relate to this topic -
      In another scene there are voices in the background, that I want to lower them too, is it possible? How?

      Thanks a lot.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
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            But there's sound in that scene that I want to hear.
            I just want to lower the volume of the sound of the sea, or the voice of someone talking in the background.

            Is it possible?
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Try with Audition, but it is going to be very hard.
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                Well I'm pretty new to this. Is there a guide or anything that can help me with this?
                Because this program isn't simple at all.
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                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                  > Because this program isn't simple at all.

                  It is not intended to be, it is for "Pro" use, hence the name.
                  Elements might be a lot easier for relative newbies. If you want to look at some tutorials, that can help you get along. See the FAQ area for that.
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                    Did you mean Adobe Premiere Elements?
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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
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                        joshtownsend Level 2
                        Yes that's what he's talking about. It's the consumer version of Premiere.

                        There are people who make livings work 9-5 making a lot of money and they do what your trying to do so don't think it's gonna be simple. Soundbooth is the easiest to work with but because it's a consumer program the noise removal is lacking. However if Audition is to hard try it.

                        The best audio noise removal program is Izotope. It's saved my butt plenty.
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                          Use audacity (and its plugins), go to noise removal under plugins, then select a few second isolated sample of the noise, and apply the effect. From my experiences it works pretty damn well.

                          This is the best your going to get for that task. When it comes to sound, you can add, but you rarely can subtract.
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                            1. Go sell Premiere Pro on eBay.
                            2. Go buy Sony Vegas Pro.
                            3. Use the Sony Noise Reduction plug-in to modify the audio.
                            4. Problem solved. Feel better about yourself.
                            5. CS4 Premiere Pro is a clunker.
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                              fuaho Level 1
                              In Premiere there is an audio effect called EQ. You will want to use this to help lower the unwanted sounds while enhancing the wanted ones.

                              Human voices are usually strongest in the region around 800Hz to 1.5kHz. It's possible that your sea noise will be in that same frequency spectrum and higher. If so, the best you can do is diminish or "cut" the frequencies above 2kHz pretty drastically until it begins to sound wrong or "thin." Then, back off from that a little to where it sounds better. I'd guestimate that much of the sea noise will be around 5kHz, so you may have some luck.

                              Next, drop the overall level of the audio by 3dB to 6dB, and then boost the frequencies around 800 Hz or so by a few dB to help separate them out. You may need to go lower or higher in frequency to find the "sweet spot."

                              Unfortunately, your sea sounds will not be just a single signature that can be removed by noise reduction software because they will be constantly varying.

                              As far as removing background voices, that's pretty much impossible since everything will be in the same frequency range.

                              Next time out, try to use better micing techniques to begin with. Lavaliers & wireless mics come to mind. They'll save you a great deal of time in postproduction.