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    NTSC to PAL in AME CS4

    watkino Level 1
      Please advise if I missed the forum that is strictly for Adobe Media Encoder CS4, having found none I've chosen to post here.

      I need to convert a standard NTSC DV file in the MS avi format to PAL DV in the Quicktime format.

      While AME CS4 does a much better job than it's predecessor, it's still struggling with the frame rate interpolation, yielding video that's visibly dropping frames to achieve 25fps. Quality converters to a great job of masking the frame conversion.

      My question is: 1) Am I missing some setting tweak that could improve the look of the PAL conversion? 2) If not, can anyone recommend another software encoder that DOES do an outstanding job of converting NTSC to PAL. I'm thinking of buying either Sorenson Squeeze or Canopus MediaCoder.