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    Which has faster rendering times Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or 2.0?

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      I'm gonna get a new system. I currently have xp 32 running Premiere 2.0. I'm looking at getting:

      dual xeon quad
      and 8gb RAM

      I want whatever will render the fastest. Basically do I install vista 64 or xp 64? I DO NOT CARE about any bells and whistles Vista offers, I just want whatever setup will render fastest. I am attracted to the bulk rendering of CS4, but can pass on it if another setup is faster.

      So here's my options:

      1. xp 64 with Premire Pro 2.0
      2. xp 64 with CS4
      3. vista 64 w/ Premiere Pro 2.0
      4. Vista 64 w/ CS4

      Which will render faster (and how much faster, if you know)?