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    compatibility between cs4 on mac and 2.0 on PC

      I just got PPro CS4 for the mac because I have a client that has 2.0 for PC and we need to share files. I was surprised to find that cs4 on the mac uses quicktime, not AVI like the PC version. I imported a project created in 2.0 on pc to cs4 on the mac and it imported fine, except it doesn't playback at full rez. Is there any way to fix this?

      My main question is actually going the other way. There is no option in cs4 on the mac to export in AVI. If I create video files on my end in quicktime will my client be able to easily import the files on his end without having to render everything on the timeline? What's the easiest way to get us both on the same page without having to render back and forth?