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    In CS4, switched to Vista64, Now *.dv files not supported...

    Davideo2 Level 1
      I have been running CS4 with XP Pro 32 bit for months, and recently I switched to Vista 64 and bumped up to 8 gigs of RAM. (Very stable - I love it.) I have a very large project started in CS4 (XP) that accesses a USB 1TB drive, filled with files that end in "dv" recorded from a JVC GY-HD200U hard drive. (My friend set it up to save as *.dv files instead of .avi by mistake.) All footage was widescreen DV footage, 480-30P. I was able to read those *.dv files with CS4 and XP Pro 32 - but now when I open the project in Vista 64, it says the file format is not supported. Very strange! Any ideas how I can salvage over 50 hours of footage? I'm sure I could connect the USB drive to an older computer with CS2 and it would probably work fine, but it would be a monster to switch at this point.