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    Maintain Audio Pitch doesn't work correctly.


      After a long series of issues and tech support calls with CS4 I have a new gremlin to deal with. Maintain Audio Pitch, which previously worked great on my XP Pro with premiere Pro 2.0 now just heavily distorts the audio. This problem is on my new Vista Ultimate 64-bit power house of a computer using CS4. What actually happens, is hard to explain this accurately. Imagine talking into a tin can then add a kind of vibrato distortion and then degrade it's over all quality. What once would come out damn near perfect is now heavily unacceptably distorted. The source doesn't seem to matter. It messes up both Microsoft DV AVI audio as well as WAV files. The current issue has to do with me trying to pitch correct a file at 97% speed. That's 97%! In Pro 2.0 I could correct down to around 78% without too much distortion. This just doesn't make any since. All my drivers are updated, yes I uninstalled and reinstalled QuickTime (that's what was crashing media encoder a while back) and yes I have the update 4.0.1

      If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know. I'm confused and have no idea how to approach this. I've done multiple searches expecting someone else to have this issue and have thus far (4+ hours in) have come up empty handed.

      William A. McDonald