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    Colored fragments in transitions in 396 x 263 video

      I have a specific frame size I need to export (396 x 263) for a web site. I didn't set the size and don't know how they decided on this size. I have a problem with fragments in transitions.

      I created a sequence at this size using the Mobile & Devices ipod Preset and changing the frame size to 396 x 263. I then imported my videos and dragged them into the timeline. The videos were captured at 720 x 480. I resized the movie clips via the Effect Control / Motion / Scale and constrained the scale. When I add a Cross Dissolve to black (either the stage or a title with a black rectangle filling the entire frame) the transition between the black and video creates pink, blue or red fragments on the right side of the frame. These fragments are visible when I export the video to anything.

      I have tried creating a 720 x 480 video and resizing/cropping the frame in the export settings but am unhappy with the blurriness of the type in the video due to the scaling from 4:3 to 396 x 263.

      Anyone have any ideas why the fragments are occuring?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          General wisdom says to match your editing settings to your media and alter the frame dimensions only upon export. Look to solve that blurriness rather than editing in a smaller project.

          One possibility may be to export out at the same dimensions and resize externally. Premiere doesn't always do the best job if it.
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            Please provide these details to help us help you.


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              Level 1

              Thank you for the advice. I just exported a video at the full resolution, dropped it into AfterEffects and scaled/cropped it there. The final product looks great.

              Thanks for the help.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                Glad you got it worked out.
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                  C_Gallegos Level 1



                  Sorry to hear about the issue and glad that you solved it, or at least discovered a work-around.


                  But I'd like to mention I'm having the same issue, and would like to see if anyone else has any ideas as to what that might be.


                  I also included screen grabs of what the issue looks like at 200% within the Premiere Pro program monitor.

                  1. h.264 mov files
                  2. Premiere Pro
                    1. 4.1.0
                    2. English
                    3. Updates applied: Check
                    4. Editing mode: Desktop 29.97 fps, 722x392 frame size, Square pixels progressive scan, 30fps drop-frame timecode, 48000Hz audio, Codec: Animation
                  3. Operating System
                    1. Mac OS X 10.5.7
                    2. up to date
                    3. EN
                    4. 1920x1200 Millions of colors dual monitor.
                  4. CPU type and speed
                    1. 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
                  5. Amount of memory (RAM)
                    1. 8GB 1066 MHz DDR3
                  6. Video card
                    1. NVIDIA
                    2. GeForce GT 120
                  7. Number of monitors (displays) in use
                    1. 2
                  8. Audio card
                    1. Intel High Definition Audio
                    2. Model
                    3. Driver version
                  9. Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining
                    1. Disk 1 capacity 595.85GB remaining 395.08GB Applications only (adobe cs4, mac os, etc)
                    2. Disk 2 capacity 595.85GB remaining 520.78GB All files for video editing (video clips, graphics, static images, scratch)
                  10. Hardware capture device
                    1. No capture devices used at this time
                    2. Model
                    3. Driver version number
                  11. Capture software
                    1. Name
                    2. Company
                    3. Version
                  12. No third party plug ins. Only the plugs ins included with installation
                  13. no error messages
                  14. I want to 'dip to black' a mov clip at the beginning and end of a sequence, during the effect i notice a red, green, or blue rule on the right edge of the program panel.
                  15. Works fine in the remaining sequences within the same premiere project file.
                  16. I have resized the mov down and up, neither solved the problem. Also removed 'dip to black' and applied again, no good.
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                    Thrill Media Level 2

                    Glad that you got it figured out Sage.  The only sidenote that I would add to the process is (if using CS4) that you don't even need to render out a final AVI to bring into AE, you can just do it using Dynamic Link and save the time.  This is the only process that I have found that works when creating f4vs without black borders as well.