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    Crackling and popping audio

      Hi, I have a weird audio issue with Premiere Pro CS4. I create the project and timeline with the settings I need to use:

      30 FPS
      48 kHz Audio

      I import my clips (.m2ts files) with no problem except "The file was busy, and couldn't be updated" in the error panel. When I play the file in either the preview or source monitor, the audio has some weird popping/crackling going on. I have played the video files in other programs other than Premiere and have had no such issue. I've tried exporting the clips using Adobe Media Encoder CS4 as different file types, but the popping is there also. Any ideas?

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          I forgot to mention that I have ruled out my speakers causing the popping noises. I have tried two sets of speakers, and the popping is consistently in the same place.

          Harm, would you like to elaborate?
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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            It could be a number of things, project settings and source material do not match, the audio is too loud, your setup is not as good as it should be, you have other processes running that cause this, etc. Plenty of ideas, not enough info to pinpoint the problem though.
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              What information would you like me to give?
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                Eddie Lotter Level 4

                Please provide these details to help us help you.


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                  Hardware, OS, software, camera, project settings, capture method, drivers, processes running, can it be repeated in a new project, is it only one clip, etc.
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                    I am running Windows Vista Ultimate Edition SP1. The camera is a Sony HDR-SR12 that, according to Sony reps, films AVCHD at 1080i, 30 (29.97) FPS and 48 kHz audio. My project settings are just the default settings, since there isn't anything real specific in such settings. There is no capture; the files are transferred via USB, camera to computer, since the camera is a hard drive camera. I have Sophos Antivirus, Catalyst Control Center, and Realtek HD Audio Manager running. This can be repeated on a new project, and it is on every clip I have. This has been tested on multiple speakers and another computer, and no such luck. It only occurs in, or when exported from, Adobe products.
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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
                      I would kill the Antivirus, remove the CCC and install only the drivers and try recent Realtek drivers. See if that helps. The pops could indicate that some processes are eating CPU cycles, you may have to find the process. You could try with Process Explorer from Sysinternals.
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                        Ive got the same damaged audio from AVCHD clips in Cs4.
                        not only in preview but also after rendering
                        ( no antivirus,no CCC, recent drivers)
                        separating the sound from the AVCHD first with
                        TMPGenc does the trick.
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          So was your problem solved by demuxing?
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                            I am trying spiv's method. I will post back once I have.
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                              I wasn't able to use spiv's method exactly, but I downloaded a program that can take m2ts files and convert them into different formats. I converted it to mp3, and imported it into Premiere. It worked perfectly.
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                                Dag Norum Level 2
                                >I downloaded a program that can take m2ts files and convert them into different formats.

                                I'm sure many would like to see what program that is and from where to download it.

                                To share solutions is as important as sharing problems.

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                                  Alive HD Video Converter from alivemedia.net
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                                    Also, just downloaded and installed the latest Premiere Pro CS4 update and reconformed all my audio files. No luck.
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                                      I have the same issue with cracking and popping audio.

                                      Same settings:

                                      48k 5.1

                                      The AVCHD was captured using Sony HDR SR11. There was no issue during import.

                                      Using Vista 64, PP CS4 4.0.1

                                      The sound plays back fine using Sony Picture Motion Browser. I can also convert to mpeg2 using PMB and the sound is fine.

                                      I'm not sure if this a new problem with 4.0.1. I noticed it now because I was editing some violin playing and the pops are very obvious.

                                      I'd like to know if there is a Premiere bug.

                                      I think I can work around this problem but it is frustrating.
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                                        I have the exact same issue on my Sony HDR-XR500.  I initially thought it was something wrong with the microphone, but after playing the video in multiple programs, determined that it is an issue with Premiere.  I analyzed the sound in Soundbooth, and there is popping and crackling at a regular interval - maybe 1-2 seconds.

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                                          .srw. Level 1

                                          I have the same camera and am having the same problem. I just purchased a Blu-Ray burner and used CyberLink to burn a Blu-Ray disk, using the same files I imported to Premiere.  NO POPPING when I play the Blu-Ray (or when playing back through the camera).  Hummmm. I'm still looking for help... ANYONE.  Thanks!

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                                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                                            For AVCHD media, users have reported an issue with audio over spanned clips.  I don't believe there is any solution other than to not use AVCHD.

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                                              .srw. Level 1

                                              The solution I used was importing my audio into Audition and running "auto click/pop eliminatior" on the clip. Then imported that audio clip in to Priemere and exchanged the original audio with the audio saved from Audition, and then relinked the video and audio.  Worked great.

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                                                ElJayBronx Level 1

                                                I have found a workaround that is annoying as all-get-out but WORKS to eliminate the clicking and popping.


                                                The Sony camera comes with software Picture Motion Browser (PMB). Right click on the clip in PMB and choose Convert to MPEG. The .mpg result will NOT feature the clicks and pops in the audio. Open the file in Soundbooth and save the .wav file as a separate file; I actually prefer to convert the 5.1 file to stereo (in SB, "save as" brings up a dialog box in which 5.1 is the default. Change this to stereo and the soundtrack will not likely lose a whole lot (the typical camera uses a built-in pair of microphones - just HOW are you getting effective rear-surround, etc.?) but if placed on the Audio 1 track (which is not possible with the standard .m2ts associated audio file) it will display an optical image of the track and be much more malleable than the original, inscrutable version.


                                                This conversion also allows me to use Soundbooth to normalize the audio (I do a lot of video of small theater and opera companies). Simply unlink (right click the video/audio combination on the timeline BEFORE doing any editing, choose "unlink" click in white space and then click on and remove the original garbage that masquerades as an audio track, then drop in the new one.)

                                                I have a very strong sense that Adobe tech support knows full well that there is a problem and stonewalls tremendously when asked for a solution. They would much rather make us jump through repeated hoops (such as ftp-ing huge files and then having the complaint ultimately ignored) than admit that this part of their software is not ready for prime time.


                                                In general, what happens to audio from AVCHD sources is very unsatisfactory. I have had numerous instances where the software has "given up the ghost" and simply not finished laying down a sound track, leaving the end of the file silent. Again there are workarounds (usually putting the clip into a brand new project works but WHY should we have to do that?)


                                                I hope the next iteration of PP has a lot of thought put into this problematic but potentially extremely useful format.


                                                OH...I almost forgot...after you're done, and have spent hours of computer time making the MPG conversion...don't forget to delete the .mpg files. They are useless since you're using the .m2ts video file and you've extracted what you need, i.e. the audio. What a waste of time instead of Adobe just fixing whatever the mismatch (and it's likely a mismatch of something) that causes the crackling. I can't tell you how annoying it is to hear a click in the minute of, say an oboe or violin solo!!!

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                                                  I have Sony HDR-XR500. I've taken videos with this camcorder before and the sound quality is perfect. I also always use a Sony boom mike that attaches with it. But this time, there is a definite static sound in the audio. I don't think its the Premiere that's causing it because the Sony utility called PMB also shows it with static audio. I tried to rip the audio with Soundbooth and also Audicity, edited it separately to reduce the noise, but its still very annoying. What I'm confused is that is there a reason why it happened in the first place? Is it the defect of the camera, or the boom mike?


                                                  Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.


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                                                    lchapman66 Level 1

                                                    I've had issues like this when the audio's DC offset was off.  Not sure if Soundbooth can check and adjust this.  I used Goldwave to fix my issue.