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    MXF import in PP CS4


      I'm using the PP CS4 and I'm having a problem with importing the MXF files from a Sony XDCAM PDW-530 & 700. I have also a MXF file, shoot with the Sony XDCAM PDW-335 HD.

      The problem i have is that I can't import the MXF file from the 530 & 700 in PP CS4. PP CS4 says: "Codec is missing". But the MXF file shoot with the PDW-335 HD i'm having no problems to import.

      How can I solve this problem. MXF is MXF i think.

      Is there anybody who can help me with this problem?
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          joshtownsend Level 2
          Nice cameras man what you doing editing on a prosumer app like Premiere? ;)

          MXF files aren't all the same. They're supposed to be, that was the whole point. But Sony and Panasonic made them different. Example you can't import Panasonic MXF file into sony's Vegas but all Sony camera MXF's (and yours most likely) work.

          The 335 is a cheaper camera ($15,000) that shoots regular 35, 35mb files. Basically the same as the cheaper consumer Sony XDCAM

          The 530 and the 700 ($30,000 and $60,000) shoot better quality MPEG-2 422P@HL (Long GOP 50M) files. Because these camera are made for professional applications Adobe most likely doesn't support them yet.

          Nice Camera's especially the 530, to nice to use on a buggy program like Premiere that doesn't even try to be a high end editing program.

          Here are the compressions the 530 can do
          MPEG-2 4:2:2P@HL 50Mbps
          MPEG-2 MP@HL 35Mbps, 25Mbps
          MPEG IMX 50Mbps, 40Mbps, 30Mbps
          DVCAM 25Mbps

          Obviously 4:2:2 is a great codec but it wouldn't surprise me if it not supported yet. Have tried importing the other codecs? The 2nd one is the one that the 335 shoots (MPEG-2 MP@HL 35Mbps, 25Mbps). Did you try shooting that codec and see if it would would import? If it does then it means the other codecs aren't supported.
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            joshtownsend Level 2
            I just looked and the 4:2:2 codec is full raster 1920 not 1440 like other Mpeg HDV codec (like what your 335 shoots).
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              >MXF files aren't all the same. They're supposed to be, that was the whole point.

              Not exactly. The file specifications were supposed to be standardized, but the codecs used inside them can be as varied as any AVI or MOV. This is the likely issue as your post then goes on to point out.
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                You are a bit mistaken about Sony's PDW-530 camera. This is not a HD camera and as such, does not use the MPEG-2 HD 4:2:0 codecs of 18/25/35mbps nor the 4:2:2 50mbps mode you listed.  This SD-only camera shoots in DV25 or IMX 30/40/50 mbps modes.  Premiere supports XDCAM HD 4:2:0 codecs but not the XDCAM SD IMX or XDCAM HD 4:2:2 50mbps HD codecs.  Here is Adobe's white paper on XDCAM support for CS4:


                This explains why you are receiving this error.  As far as consumer vs. professional, the MPEG-2 HD 4:2:0 codecs used by the F-335 camera are widely used in the HD broadcast world.



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                  Does anyone know what the challenges are to support the IMX and 50 Mbps MPEG HD422 file formats are?


                  Is there any news as to when this might be available?

                  If not, are there other ways to get this file format into the Premiere timeline without going the capture card route?


                  I have the 50 Mbps files already transfered to a hard disk and would really desire to use them without another transfer operation...


                  Any other suggestions?



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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    If not, are there other ways to get this file format into the Premiere timeline without going the capture card route?

                    Never worked with the format, but this MainConcept XDCAM Plug-in might work. There is a demo version you can try.


                    Not cheap, but it's cheaper than most capture cards.

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                      hartisja Level 1


                      Thanks for your referral. I have heard of the company, but have not used their products before. I will give their demo a try.

                      I wonder how well it works with a Quadro CX.

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                        Colin Brougham Level 6

                        You're welcome; hope it works for you. I've not used any of the MainConcept standalone products, but several of their codecs are used in Adobe software; I believe all of the MPEG variants are MainConcept codecs. Sorenson Squeeze uses them too, actually.


                        If you do find that the MainConcept product works, you might want to post back here about that success... or if it doesn't post that! That'll be useful to others who are looking for the same information in the future.

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                          hartisja Level 1


                          I downloaded the trial for the Broadcast Suite. I tried an import, and it allowed the first 10 minutes of the import which is great for trying it out.

                          Everything seems to work.

                          I do have a question though, I am transferring the XDCAM 422 files to a blu ray via Premiere Pro CS4.1 and outputting it to Encore for burning to a Blu-Ray disk.


                          I do not want to encode it twice. Should I or Do I need to encode it out of Premiere using AME or wait until I get it into Encore and do the transcoding there?


                          I also have an NVidia Quadro CX with the Elemental HD encoder. Since the Elemental Encoder is so much faster (in AME export - (Faster than realtime), what would be the result of using Main Concepts for impot to PP4 and using the Elemental for output?


                          Any ideas? Thanks

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                            For PDW-700 HAVE ONLY Avid & Final CUT !!!!!!

                            DO NOT BELIVE THAT IT adobbe cs4 SUPPORTS IT!!!

                            Мaybe after about 1 year will be.

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                              apaceeee Level 1

                              Buy a Mac and you'll come out and cheaper with a fine, or else thrust is to buy a nice camera. Work on VHS or DV and have no problem working with Adobe Premiere.
                              good luck!


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                                apaceeee Level 1

                                If you use Main concept XDCAM plug-in you crashing CS4. Does not work properly

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                                  dradeke Adobe Employee

                                  I have not used it in a while, but the Main Concept plugin is very good and does offer good support for XDCAM 50mbit.

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                                    apaceeee Level 1

                                    Yes, it is very nice plugin, but Adobe Premiere is a problem with it.
                                    Adobe just can not cope with the problem with PDW-700 cameras i 530i

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                                      hartisja Level 1

                                      I downloaded the trial version and have not had any problems with the Main Concept encoders. I downloaded the Broadcast Suite version, and except for the watermarks on the files, I have not had any problems, no lock ups or trouble reading the files..

                                      What kind of problems are you experiencing with the PP CS4 version?  I really do not want to go to the Mac platform as most of the shop is PC. I am running this on a custom Intel i7 920 (not overclocked), with 12 Gig Ram, RAID 0 300G Velociraptors, and an NVIDIA Quadro CX with RapdHD accelerated encoders. What does your system configuration consist of?

                                      Has anyone else experienced any trouble with the Main Concept encoders? I have output using both the Main Concept encoder as well as the RapidHD encoder with no lockups and no noticeable difference(s) in the output. For obvious reasons, I get better than realtime output using the RapidHD encoder set for conversion to H.264 for Blu-Ray over the Main Concept encoders.

                                      Before I invest in the licensed version of the Main Concept Broadcast Suite, could anyone tell me if they have seen anything I should be concerned about before investing further?

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                                        Here I can import with no problems XDCAM formats in PP CS4 4.1, like XDCAM HD, EX etc.

                                        Adobe information says that Premiere Pro support only importing this format, but export only through third-party plug-ins, like Mainconcept.

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                                          Just install a

                                          MainConcept MPEG Pro Toolbox plugin,all MXF import is ok...