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    Media Cache Files

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      I wanted to pass on some information that might help some people.

      CS2 Media Cache Files were stored in the project folder that you created to save your project.

      ALL CS4 Media Cache Files are saved on the c drive under c:\your name\documents\adobe\after effects cs4\media cache files

      I found this out the hard way when I was trying to instal the After Effects 9.0.1 update and it told me I was out of Disk space. So I freaked out and did some investigating and found the media cache folder on my C:drive utilizing over 30 gigs of space. So I moved it over to another drive.

      There is a check box in preferences that lets you keep them next to original when possible but it is not as tidy as the old way.

      Just a heads up for people out there.
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          joshtownsend Level 2
          Since CS3 you've been able to pick your media cache file location. It's better because you can save them to separate disk drive than your OS or media files which speeds things up.

          This also gives other CS4 programs a place to use them with out making redundant files if you use the same media in a different project.

          You did see the 'clean' button by the preference right? If you want to save them next to the media when your done you can always push the button and they will be gone.
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            Both the Media Cache and the Media Cache Database can be stored in user selectable folders in Premiere Pro 2.0 and CS3.