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    Problems after update from 4.0 to 4.0.1

      Computer configuration : Processor : Intel Core2 Duo E6600 2,4 GHz ;
      Mem : 4xBuffalo DDR2 800PC6 1Gb ;Graphic card : EN7600 GS Top Silent 512 Mb dual display; Windows XP SP3.
      Half november, I installed Adobe premiere CS4 and After Effects CS4. Premiere crashed at the first start and did so many times.I succeeded to make it work by opening a CS3 project (via open with program). CS4 saved the project and generated a new CS4 project and since that time CS4 could be opened normally. I was working on two projects : a DV project and a H.264 project.The H.264 project was a sequence of stills with many video effects and transitions. The sequence was imported in Encore CS4 and finalized as a Bluray folder. The DV project worked out well till I wanted to export to media and got the message to update Adobe media encoder what I did. After that I was able to export to a windows avi file. Everything worked well for almost one month till I got the message to update Premiere CS4 4.0 to 4.01 what I unfortunately did. Since then I have the following problems :
      Video transitions are not working for stills (bmp,jpeg) after rendering.
      Export to media hangs and Premiere CS4 is also hanging
      Opening a title window in the second display remains black
      I have tried to go back to the previous situation by uninstalling Premiere, cleaning the registry ,etc many times with the only result that 4.0 allows again the video transitions between stills but the export to media is impossible even with the appropriate update.
      I tried to open the Adobe media encoder as such and get the message :the procedure entry point ??0NewhandlerInitialize@ErrorManager@config@dvacore@@QAE@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library dvacore.dll.
      I lost a week in trials and plan to export the ongoing sequence to AECS4 and render it there to an avi file to work further in Premiere CS3.
      Any solution ? Or waiting 6 months for an improvement ?
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          neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Could well be the NVidia Graphics card here.
          I have seen the exact same problems - and much, much worse - with 4.01 on a GE Force GO7300 chip.
          4.01 will not even launch stably.
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            Level 1
            Yes, the EN7600GS card is not on the recommended list of Premiere.But, the initial crash when opening Premiere with the exe file is always solved by opening an existing project and after that opening a new project in Premiere.
            Now my Media encoder problem is solved : I fortunately made a Norton Ghost backup of disc C after installing Premiere CS4 and the Media encoder update (not the premiere 4.01 update). I restored my disc C to that point and everything works fine.No problems with the media encoder neither with transitions of stills.
            Lesson 1: never update a system that works
            Lesson 2 : Backups are better than Raid, raid only stores your errors.
            • 3. dvacore.dll
              Rueberm Level 1

              I was having all sorts of crashing errors on importer process.  It had to do with dvacore.dll  After exhausting all options I didn't update to 4.01 and that has fixed the error.  The computer that was having the problem was XP 64.  Seems to work fine on Windows 7 RC.  Hopefully this helps someone that lands on this post.