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    1080 to 720 faded colours

      I have spent a long time colour grading a project within Premiere. It's in HD 1080 50i Pal and it looks gorgeous. The colours are vivid and sharp and blacks are very deep.

      However, as I am going to be using this on a regualr DVD (not Blu Ray or HD) I am rendering out (using Media Encoder as is case with Premiere CS4). I am rendering out as Microsoft DV AVI files in 720x576. All is fine except the fact that my glorious colour work seems almost lost! It isn't compared to raw footage, but it's lost the deep black richness and seems a little washed out.

      Any ideas why this is? I'm looking at it on the same monitor but the difference bewteen the in-project preview pane, and the exported AVI is noticeable!

      Any help appreciated.
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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Don't render to dv avi, render straight to dvd-mpeg.
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            joshtownsend Level 2
            Like Ann said though you should not render to DV then to DVD mpeg.
            Your putting your movie through extra compression. Going from 4:2:0 then to 4:1:1 then back to 4:2:0 will play havoc with your colors.

            Do you get the same thing when you render an Mpeg DVD from your project?

            I wish Adobe let would have extended 'color management' to Premiere.

            Maybe doing color correction in AE would solve your problem. It's a little complicated but extremely necessary. It lets you see what a your media looks like in DVD colorspace, which is different than HD colorspace.

            http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm?loc=en_us&term=color+management&siteSection= support%3Adownloads
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              Thanks to you both. It would seem that rendering to MPEG2 has done the trick. I have used AE for some shots in the project, but didn;t want to do it all in AE as it was too time consuming. I think Premiere does have some really useful colour tools if your raw footage is up to standard in the first place. I've used some Magic Bullet tools on some shots too. All looks pretty good now, thanks for your help!