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      Hello again, the angry Norwegian here.
      Is there anybody who have a good idea, how I can take my "old" AVCHD files, and export them to tape in HDV format.
      The last 24H I have been in war with Media Encoder, trying to make DV files,(with some luck), made about 50 min of DV material now.

      I'm using a MacPro 2,8, 10Gb RAM, with Nvidia graphics, NEC MultiSync 24 wmgx3. And still not impressed, it's to slow, program or Mac, I don't know but slow it is.

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          Bob Ramage Level 1
          Here's my guess. Try creating a new HDV sequence, then import your AVCHD sequence and place it on the HDV sequence timeline. Connect and turn on your HDV device and export to tape. Premiere will probably have to render the timeline before the export begins.

          My Mac Pro is lightning fast, now that I've solved my "ImporterProcessServer" problem.
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            Hi, Bob
            Now I got a new problem, I have done like you said, and that worked very well, but I can't export to tape, the text is not black. The camera is on and tested by capturing.

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              It worked very well