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      Quality sound card recommendations wanted please.
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          Would this do the business?


          Anyone use this?
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            E-MU 1616M

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              The pros like myself who do music voice recordings who need professional quality converters use this:

              LYNX L22


              Then again, what is it you're trying to do? If all you need is playback for video editing and general voice over then all you need is this:

              E-MU 0404

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                >The pros like myself

                I don't know why but this made me chuckle.
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                    tlc if you chuckle it's probably because you're a shmo. The pro does not chuckle. That goes for Craig Howard as well whose chucklish attitude leaves much to be desired insofar as he claims to be a pro.
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                      The pro's do there audio in Dolby certified mixing studios, actually, not at home.
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                        >tlc if you chuckle it's probably because you're a shmo.

                        There you go again... making me laugh.
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                          HOME? Who said anything about HOME? The word HOME is illegal around here. YOU SHMO!!!
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                            Great term..."chucklish"

                            ...but I have never claimed to be a pro audio guy. Quite the opposite in fact and thats why all my final audio goes through a Certified Dolby Audio Suite run by expert engineers.

                            I did take a look at the audio hadware suggestion juju. Thanx. It was a little more than I need considering I do not record anything of any consequence in my edit suites.

                            I actually went with an M-Audio 192 card which works fine for my playback monitoring purposes except it did not resolve the synch issues inherent in Premiere CS4 with external video monitoring. (as I had hoped it might. I was thinking the issue was because of onboard sound cards).

                            The issue is that playback from Source and Program Windows (timeline) play differently if scrubbed or played back (Space Bar). The playback settings overide each other.

                            I am now convinced that Adobe have playback from PPro CS4 seriously screwed up. Can not wait to see if Black Magic will ever be able create Intesity Pro drivers to work properly with CS4.

                            I still have not heard if anyone has got this working or otherwise so guess there may not be some many PPRO users who playout to external monitors (such as a client monitor).

                            juju - how does this work in your pro audio suite?

                            BTW - CS3 manages this perfectly.