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    Manage Audio from an AVI just like mp3's

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      I want to manage the audio from an avi just like you can from mp3s. You know, you can set keyframes to raise or lower the volume.

      Why does it treat the audio from an avi different. I understand it may be recorded in mono, not stereo - but it's just audio.

      Is there a way to simply convert the audio from an avi into in an mp3 where you can have all the adjustments?
      (Please don't suggest extracting it and converting it outside with yet ANOTHER tool)

      It's common sense..... most people don't own professional video cameras - and the audio recording from most videos needs the same amount of adjustments as any other audio. PLEASE.. if you want me to cough up big bucks for your software.. GIVE ME FUNCTIONALITY - that makes sense.

      Frustrated in Columbus