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    Is it possible to animate text properties (fill type, color, etc) in the titles?


      My question: is there any way to animate such text properties of the title like "font size", "fill type", "color of the fill", animate gradient/transparency property of the fill?

      I searched for different video tutorials and title-maikng tutorials in the internet but without any luck.

      All I know about animating titles is moving/rotating, adding some animateable video effects, adjusting transparency of the whole title, but I have never heard about the possibility of changing text color in time.

      For example, in a first frame I want my text in a title to be white/solid fill, then in a frame 100 it got to be filled with a blue-to-red gradient, and then in a frame 200 I want again return to the solid fill with white color.

      Can I animate these text properties in Adobe Premiere? Thanks in advance!
      I really need to know it, if someone have good links with info about animating titles please post them.