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    Transitions Not Working.

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      No Idea why, but every single one of my transitions fail to transition themselves into the next scene. Its like they start transitioning, then a black scene flickers in (destroys) the transition, and the next scene pops up. No idea why adobe is performing this faulty necessity? How can this be fixed.

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          Are you transitioning between still images? If so, add an opacity keyframe to one of the 2 clips involved (doesn't matter where and you can leave it at 100%) and the transitions will start working.

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            Hey there. With my scenes, there are no still frames, the footage is DV AVI.
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              shooternz Level 6
              One assumes you do have handles on your footage/clips andrew planet.
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                Phil Griffith Level 2
                make sure you do not have any blank space between your clips. zoom in to make sure. even one frame gap will cause black between clips. Also, as Craig says, the clips need handles on each ends, or the transition will not lay out between the clips.
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                  When you say "handles", do you mean the icon/device that you can stretch out a clip on the timeline. the litte ]]]]]] and [[[[[[ looking thing. I've been messing with the transition options and everything and still not seeing a fix for me on this problem. My clips look pretty normal, same types of clips I always work with.

                  History: The transition Icon (once you put in on the timeline) looked a little odd from when I first started using CS4. I believe the transition icon, once placed on the timeline, fitted nicely between the two selected clips. NOW, as I examine it, the transition bar/icon sits ontop sort of, of the two selected clips. I'm not sure if this layout is totally normal or its whats effecting the irregularity of my transitions. Maybe I have been staring at the monitor too long haha.

                  Also, I have been making sure that there are no gaps between the clips. Ive tried to overlap the clips, then place the transition on to see if it changed anything, put the issue/problem still sticks.

                  Maybe if someone could elaborate a little more about "handles."
                  Thats the only sign thus far that may fix the issue.

                  Thanks for reading,
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                    shooternz Level 6
                    Handles are the extra frames (either side of used part of the clip in the timeline) that create overlap for the transition.
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                      Phil Griffith Level 2
                      if you have a one second transition, then you need to back up 1/2 sec on each clip end (end of 1st and start of second). that amount of video is the "handle"
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                        shooternz Level 6
                        Not sure that is very clearly or accurately described Phil.
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                          Each clip is 4 seconds long. Im using two clips. I slide both the clips on the timeline close to one another so that there is no empty space left between them. I grab the "zoom" transition and throw it in the middle cut between the two clips. There is no "solid black video" in this 2 clip sequence. With the "zoom" transition, I press play to view....the transition starts and a Black video clip starts to zoom in from the center of my first video clip from the timeline(not suppose to happen), then the black video clip zooming in, turns into my next video clip on the timeline . Its like my second video clip on the timeline has a "black video" attached to the beginning so when the transition starts transitioning, you first see the "black video clip" then the sequence finally brings up the second video clip on my timeline. The transition then continues with its action.

                          Basically, to sum this up, I believe my handles are there. But when transitioning from Point A to Point B, a Black video interrupts the sequence, and the transition never stops....

                          Thanks for reading.
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                            Eddie Lotter Level 4
                            >I believe my handles are there.

                            I don't believe they are. ;) See Clip handles and transitions in the PPro CS4 Help.


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                              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                              Even if there are no handles there should not be a black flickering scene as OP mentions.
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                                Checked it out Eddie. I Understand handles better now so thankyou for that, but after reviewing the play :) my transition is stretched far enough, and I increased it too, to make sure it covers more than enough frames (footage) to complete the ABC -> DEF of a transition. The black clip still interferes with the video sequence. :(
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                                  shooternz Level 6
                                  How long are the handles on each of the four second clips?

                                  or ? put another way... how long are the source clips?
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                                    Level 1
                                    The clips are 2.26 and 2.39 seconds each.
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                                      shooternz Level 6
                                      ...and you have used all of the clip duration in the timeline?

                                      If so ...you have no handles on them.
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                                        Level 1
                                        Both the clips on the timeline (Clip #1 is 2.26seconds) and (clip #2 2.39 seconds) both came from the original source clip with was edited to get these two clips. The original source clip that was imported into the project was aproximatley 23;55;25 minutes.

                                        I have been doing this same blasted project for the last 3 years editing the same crappy clips with the same length of time and using the same transitions Adobe has bored us to death with. There must be something else other than the handles.
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                                          Level 1
                                          But you know what. There may be something to this "handle" thing after all. When I move clips over so they can fill the gaps, there is not that helpful stopping of the clip once it intercepts another clip. So im wondering.... That if there is a problem with the handles, then there is a problem with the whole footage altogether.....
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                                            shooternz Level 6
                                            Shortcut key "S" for Snap
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                                              joshtownsend Level 2
                                              Personally I don't use Premiere to do transitions because I finish most everything in After Effects were I have way more control over the transitions.

                                              But I tested it and no problem with transitions in premiere as long as I have frames to transition before my in point after my end point. If you drag a clip over another one it erases what you dragged it over. Watch this short video and it might make more sense to you.


                                              Maybe this might help also "Include Handles - Specifies the number of frames to retain before the In point and after the Out point of each trimmed clip. For example, a value of 30 means that 30 frames are retained before the In point, and 30 frames are retained after the Out point. Handles function as extra frames that allow for additional minor adjustments to the edits in the new project."

                                              Here's the link to the help I got that from "http://help.adobe.com/en_US/PremierePro/4.0/WS1c9bc5c2e465a58a91cf0b1038518aef7-7c72a.ht ml"
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                                                Level 1
                                                Ok, SNAPPED ALL CLIPS, But seems to not fix problem with transition. Although, the transitions seem to work on other projects with same footage. But not on my project currently working on.

                                                Here is a full layout of the project Im working on and how I got the footage for it:

                                                Apparently, Ive been recording footage off the PC using a device called "Xfire." I would then import all those clips into Premiere. After a while, I would get the "importerProcessserver" error, and It eventually prevented me from working with my clips and project. So I guess the "xfire Codec" was screwing up Premiere and the only way to fix this problem, was to ~~~EXPORT my entire project with the edited cutted clips on the timeline (with blank space in between the cut clips)in the whole sequence....and export all of that so that I would have one whole new fresh "DV AVI" file. I then took that one DV AVI file and Imported into a Whole NEW Project. I then Gradually broke that video file down on the timeline, back into the original cuts I had on my earlier DEFECTED project. So i deleted all those blank extra black scenes that came with the fresh Videofile so I can once again see my cutted/edited clips. TOok ME hours!! But I believe that this irregular action that I proceeded to do, created a disturbance within the timeline and thats why the transitions are failing to act correctly.
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                                                  Level 1
                                                  So, I took the advice Craig and Josh gave and I finally solved this issue. :)

                                                  Handles did play a role, If you read my last reply it would explain the problem. Problem was solved by me having to clip my video even more so there would be enough room for handles to play a role. Once again, thankyou so much.

                                                  ~Andrew Planet
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                                                    joshtownsend Level 2
                                                    Glad you figured it out Andrew. If you would have mentioned your Xfire we could have solved the problem a long time ago and saved you those 'hours'.

                                                    Anyway happy holidays buddy. :)
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                                                      creig bryan-mUOxt4 Level 1

                                                      keep smiling