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    DVD Video Capture Software


      I have a newbie video question. We have a customer that needs to have an old video edited slightly for upload to the web. I own Premiere Pro CS4, but need to get the video from the original DVD, which contains and Audio_TS and Video_TS folder with associated files contained therein.

      In the past, I've had to borrow a piece of hardware that ran from a traditional DVD player to my computer to capture the DVD video, which then would be able to import it into Premiere for editing.

      Does anyone know if there is a software that would allow me to avoid the hardware interface between the DVD player to my computer? It would be so much easier to be able to put the DVD in my Mac, and somehow capture the video, so I could then be able to edit in Premiere.

      This may not be impossible I don't know, but we don't do much video, and hate to borrow the hardware again or sub it out.

      Thanks for any help.

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          FAQ: How do I import VOB files / edit a DVD?


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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Copy the dvd to hard disk, rename the .vobs to .mpg and import into Premiere. Premiere does not handle dvd files well, but you can do some cutting and pasting and even apply a title.
            I am not sure if this renaming files also applies to the Mac.
            If you have a camera with analog-in you can hook up your dvd player to the camera and capture with firewire.
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              Thanks to both of you. I will have a look at the link as well as try renaming the files. So, just to clarify, if I try the file renaming, I only need to worry about the VOB's? The IFO and BUP can be disregarded?
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                The proper way is to demultiplex the DVD-VIDEO
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                  Is there a Mac software to demultiplex? Preferably shareware :-)
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                    Yes, more then one
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                      Just a quick follow up to those who read this thread. On my Intel iMac, I ended up using the free MPEG Streamclip for Mac (http://www.squared5.com) to convert the VOB files on the original DVD, and then converted them to quicktime format for editing.

                      The file renaming mentioned above didn't work for me. I ended up with multiple errors.

                      The MPEG Streamclip software demultiplexed as Angelo suggested above. While it worked perfectly for me and was free, I did have to purchase the QuickTime 6 MPEG-2 Playback Component for Mac OS X (http://store.apple.com/us/product/D2187Z/A?mco=MTIxODk3Mw) for $19.99.

                      Before purchasing this component from Apple, Streamclip seemed to import the VOB files off the DVD, but nothing was visible and did not work properly. As a point of note, I'm running QuickTime v. 7.5.5.

                      Once the QT MPEG-2 component was purchased, downloaded and installed from Apple, Streamclip captured the entire DVD, audio and video, demultiplexed and exported in the format I chose. (QuickTime)

                      It was then easy to import the QuickTime file into Premeire and the editing began. No hardware bridge was needed to capture the DVD, and it seemed reasonably intuitive.

                      Though keep in mind, you will likely need to cough up the $20 dollars to Apple for the MPEG-2 component. Before purchasing that component, I couldn't get Streamclip to capture any of my DVDs'.

                      Hope the follow up helps someone...
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                        I believe the best way to import a DVD is the following method:

                        1. Acquire the software Riverpast Video Cleaner
                        2. Use this software to CONVERT the DVD stream to an AVI file using the highest quality settings...the software will multiplex the A/V for you-several DVD "cells" will be created as AVI's.
                        3. Import the converted AVI files into Premiere and edit as you would any normal AVI file.

                        Enjoy - I have obtained very high quality results with this method for many, , many clients.