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    Best Export Settings for PC Playback H264 or Quicktime w/H264

      I searched the forum and found a tip about Exporting Quicktime with H264, and have had really good success.

      However, trying the H264 directly, which results in an MP4 file, I have poor results. Even with the same Width and Height and bitrates for QT MOV files, they either playback jerky (same bitrate in QT plays fine), or when I scale down the width/height the video flashes green frames and at the end of the clip even reverses and goes forward Using the QT Pro player for Windows).

      Also, cannot find an explanation of the "Profile" and "Level" in the Video settings screen.

      PS - Yes, this is all new to me, and Yes I am putting the bitrate down to accommodate my older PC. Video source is the MOV 1080p files from the Canon 5d Mark II.


      Nelson Salez

      PS I spent all my money on the new camera and I cannot afford a MAC, although it is a long term goal.