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    total chaos

      hi, i just installed cs4 and tried to run premiere cs4. but theres the first problem.. i have an .avi which i want work on and cant do it at all.. the preview window shows jumps.. the movieclip is 2 min but after 10 sec the picture is allready at the end.. sound still runs .. all the 2 mian..

      i tried with different clips.. all teh same problem.. didnt had those trouble in cs2!

      my specs are.. 4 gb ram.. vista, 3470 ati hd card ( should be supported) and plenty space on hdd..

      are there settings i need to do? i was reading about hardware accrelations or so?
      can i stop turn that off? please help..

      i am working at a university project and the person who does the support is in holidays..