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    Metadata Display box is empty (PP 4.0.1)

      I don't know if anyone else is seeing this issue. In Premiere Pro CS4, the Metadata Display dialog is empty, except for a search box (magnifying glass). This dialog box can be found in the context menu of the Project and Metadata panels. It is used to select which metadata fields you want visible.

      Both panels are populated with information. If I try typing a search (like "usage" to get video and/or audio usage info), it closes. As a result, I cannot change the metadata display fields.

      This feature definitely worked when I first installed Premiere. I suspect it broke after installing the 4.0.1 patch.

      I'm running Windows XP SP2 on a custom built Intel Core Duo E6300/ASUS P5B motherboard, with an EVGA GeForce 8800GT video card (180.48 drivers). Premiere is installed on my Windows drive, and my project and footage are on an external SATA drive. Other CS4 applications installed are Flash and Soundbooth. I also have the CS3 Master Suite previously installed.

      I'm editing 24p standard definition DV (from a Panasonic DVX100C).