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    CS4 in a tangle with CS3

      Wow! Have we got ourselves into a mess. We are presently working with Adobe CS3 production premium. When we got the new copy of CS4 we couldn't wait to install it. That was a big mistake we admit it. Because we were working on a project at the time we decided to leave CS3 in place and try to install CS4 as well to see if we could take advantage of some great new features. At first everything seemed to work fine. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 dynamically linked with Soundbooth and Aftereffects perfectly well. However, after a few days working with Premiere Pro CS4 we experienced a crash and Premiere Pro CS4 has not opened since. The error log crashes at opening writer\WinMediaWriter.vwr. We then tried reinstalling Premiere Pro CS4. Everything seemed to go fine except it didn't solve the problem and still wouldn't open. So we tried re-installing one more time, however, now the installer hangs at the beginning when it is investigating the system and so it seems we cannot reinstall any of the CS4 programs any more.
      We then switched back to using Premiere Pro CS3 which seems to be editing ok except it is now dynamically links to Soundbooth CS4 & to Aftereffects CS3. Curious. One difference in the Premier Pro CS3 is its inability to encode to win media in the CS3 encoder. When trying to do so, we get a pop-up error writer initialization error .

      What is your best advice? Should we deactivate both the CS3 and CS4 programs and then just reinstall the CS4 bundle? What should we do in the way of cleaning all the old Adobe material off the computer hard drive before reinstalling. We've been told that if this is not done properly the installer program may not allow any of the CS4 programs to be reinstalled. Like its doing now! (freak out!) We have too many other important programs on the hard drive to take the risk of having to reformat the drive. Any pointers towards trouble-free re-installation will be most welcome. Or, if you can tell us how to get Premiere Pro CS4 to load that would be good too.
      Cheers for now