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    Exporting transparency CS4

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      How to export transparency in CS4? In other versions I selected an output option that allowed me to choose millions of colors+ and then check export alpha. This version does not allow me to make these optional choices. How do we export to preserve transparency?

      Thank you,
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          See "Encode Alpha Channel" in the section Video export settings in the Premiere Pro Help.


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            fuaho Level 1
            "Only the FLV format using the On2 VP6 codec supports the use of alpha channels."
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              William are you absolutely sure about this? I was using Premiere Pro and did a search less than a month ago to preserve alpha. Before I found a reference to select millions+ colors and check the preserve alpha box in PP, I found something about alpha in CS4. I briefly read over it. The author said right click on the clip and select something in the dialogue box to export transparency in CS4. I did not bookmark it and I cannot find it now I actually have CS4.

              Does not make sense this feature would be removed from an updated version.

              Yeah - I am reading the documentation. Alpha only available in FLV format. Sorry ... don't quite understand why the feature was limited to FLVs. Two steps forward, one back.

              I guess one need edit in Premiere and preserve alpha in AF...

              Thank you,
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                Dag Norum Level 2
                >"Only the FLV format using the On2 VP6 codec supports the use of alpha channels."

                And NO millions of colors+ posibillity for uncompressed Microsoft avi?

                Some of the QT codecs, no alpha there either?

                If all the above is correct, it's for sure making my family jewels shrink when it comes to PPro CS4.