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    Targeting Button Inside An External SWF

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      I am having a small problem targeting a button housed inside an external
      swf. Here's the scenario:

      I have my master swf. Into a blank mc (instance name: nav_mc) I load an
      external swf ( ...loadMovie("nav.swf"). the nav swf file contains my
      navigation buttons (namely, pharaoh_btn). In the actions layer of the main
      timeline of my master swf I would like to write code to control the

      So far I have been using the targeting as such, (please remember that this
      code is in the action layer of my master swf):


      When I test the movie I get a syntax error for the line:

      I do know how to code the pharaoh_btn (in pharaoh.swf) to go back to the
      master time line and play "pharaoh.swf" in the main_mc, but I am trying to
      figure out how to have as much actionscript contained in the master swf. Is
      this possible or not? If so, what am I doing wrong?

      Thanks in advance for any replies & help.