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    Best Resolutions for HD to Flash videos on website

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      What is your recommendation for the correct size in pixels for a Flash player on a website?

      We're producing video in Premiere Pro CS4 from original 1920x1080 AVCHD footage shot on Canon HG21 cameras.

      We can make the Flash player on our website any size, of course, but have some web visitors still using 1024x768.

      Also, we will need to publish some videos to You-Tube HD which has an upload of 1290 x 720 resolution.

      So, the question is what resolution would you configure your Flash player on the website for, given the original 1920x1080 and the need to publish sometimes to You-Tube in 1290x720?

      From what I can gather measuring on screen, when you set your screen to 1024 resolution and go to You Tube and switch to HD mode, they are today playing back HD videos in an 853 to 854 pixel wide flash player about 480 pixels tall?

      Thanks for your advice.