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    CPU Usage Question between Premier and Media Encoder

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      Hey guys,

      Here is the question. I just built a new machine with the following specs:
      Intel i7 2.66GHz process overclocked to 3.2GHz
      12GB Memory
      Nvidia 260 Overclocked video card.

      When I export a video from Adobe Premier into Media Encoder, all 8 cores peg out at 100% and thus my CPU temp get hot really quick (78 - 80 degrees Celsius)

      Now if I take the same original video file and just drag it into Media Encoder, my 8 cores only show about 24-40% usage and the temp only gets to around 55-60 degrees Celsius.

      What is causing such a big difference in CPU usage? I'm afraid to use Adobe Premier as it causes the CPUs to max out everytime. I want to edit my videos, but as stuck with just using AME on the original files.