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    Editing window size

      I am shooting wide screen format with a Canon VIXIA HG20. In Premier Pro CS4 the video in the program sequence window looks like it is enlarged and the outer areas of the video are cut off. The video in the source sequence window, however, displays the video as I saw it in the viewfinder of the camera. I have no idea why this is happening and have had absolutely no success in solving the problem. I sure hope one of you provide a solution.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Curt Wrigley Level 4
          Your source media and your seq preset do not match. Choose a seq preset that matches your media.
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            Can you tell me how to do this?
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              Curt Wrigley Level 4
              1. Know the attributes of your source media. (frame size, frame rate, codec )
              2. Either make a new sequence (file/new sequence) or config the default seq created at the start of a new project to match your source media.

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                I have looked at every possible setting under "new sequence" and cannot find where to adjust the attributes. I can see under the "general" tab that the video frame size is 720x480, but I cannot find where to change this.
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                  Curt Wrigley Level 4

                  Since you are seeing 720x480 it means you have choosen the wrong preset, which explains your problem.

                  Your cam records to the AVCHD format. Ergo, choose one of the AVCHD presets. The AVCHD preset will configure everything for you. Just pick the right one based on how you have the cam set to record (i dont know the gory details of that camera). basically interlaced or progressive.

                  If you dont see the AVCHD presets then you must be running the trial sw, which unfortunately is almost useless.

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                    I just purchased the CS4 Production Premium, so it should not be a trial. The AVCHD rings a bell and I'm going to try that now. I am shooting in standard and not high def by the way.

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                      Curt Wrigley Level 4
                      >I am shooting in standard and not high def by the way.

                      Are you sure? I didnt know this cam could do that. Your symptom would indicate not. You said the program monitor was cutting off a chunk of the frame (which you had set to 720x480) which means your source image is larger than sd video.

                      I am guessing that "standard mode" on that cam means standard quality and that it only shoot 1080i or p. (meaning 1920 pixels wide or hd)

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                        Ok, it looks like I finally found the right attribute. I really appreaciate your help. This was a tough, but very beneficial lesson to learn. I am glad I do not have a lot of re-editing to do!

                        Thanks again and Happy New Year to you!

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                          Eddie Lotter Level 4

                          You will also find links to many free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.


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                            Most grateful for the heads up on the tutorials! Will definitely check them out!

                            Happy New Year to you.

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                              I checked the tutorials and found nothing regarding the appearance of a green frame in the cross dissolve. If anyone else has experienced this and knows the solution please let me know.
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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                The first mention of a "green frame," that I can find is in your post #11. Did I miss something?

                                Tell us more about the green frame and your Transition. (Or point me to the post #, where you detail it).

                                Glad that Curt and Eddie got you started,

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                                  Thanks for the reply, Bill.

                                  When I use a cross dissolve between clips I am noticing a green overcast at the very beginning of the second clip. This problem does not happen every time, that's what makes it so difficult for me determine what the problem is.
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                                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                                    I notice a slight overcast when I look out the window, but it does not bother me. Can you give some more details or a screen shot?
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                                      When I set up a cross dissolve transition between two clips, the first few frames of the second clip look like they have a green gel over them. In other words, if the glass in the window you are look through is green, then you'll see what I am seeing.
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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7
                                        Sorry, but I don't see anything at the moment to make me understand your problem.
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                                          I appreciate your time. If it happens again I will take a screen shot. I really cannot think of a better way to describe the problem other than it looks like a green filter is overlayed on the first few frames of the clip.
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                                            Harm Millaard Level 7
                                            Posting a screen shot would be helpful.
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                                              1) How did you copy your video from the HG20 drive to the PC's hard drive?
                                              2) What preset did you choose in Premiere when you created the project?
                                              3) What resolution and frame rate did you shoot the original on the HG20?
                                              3) Are you on version 4.0.1 of CS4 Premiere after installing the update?

                                              I've got Canon HG21.
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                                                I copy the videos via USB. I would have to go back and check the settings in order to answer #2 and #3. The window size issue has been resolved. The current problem is green colored frames when doing a cross dissolve. By the way, I am using 4.0.1

                                                I did a screen shot of the problem with the green color, however I do not see where I can post it here, so what I did was upload it to my wife's web site. the link is:


                                                I sure would like to know what is causing this so I can avoid it from now on.

                                                Thanks again for the help.
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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                  One quick question:

                                                  In the Clip, where you see the "green cast," do you have proper Handles, i.e. enough clean frames before your In Point? It sounds like you may be seeing something before the point where you intend the Clip to begin.

                                                  OK, second question:

                                                  Do you have any Effects added to the Clip?


                                                  PS the screen shot certainly looks GREEN!
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                                                    I believe there were enough clean frames. I trimmed, over lapped and even deleted and added the clip again and it did not make a difference. Don't know why that is.

                                                    The only effect is the cross dissolve. Yesterday I performed more than a dozen edits on that project and not once did I see a "green" frame. Initially when I began editing this project I found four green frame areas. Maybe it's a computer thing and not the software.

                                                    Intermittant problems can be quite difficult to resolve unless you can reproduce the problem. What I should have done was preserve the areas where these frames were so I could send them to Adobe. Hind sight is 20/20 and if this problem surfaces again I will definitely trim and export the bad video segments so they can be sent to Adobe.

                                                    I appreciate your help here.

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                                                      joshtownsend Level 2
                                                      Well your camera costs less than the software, Maybe try a more consumer type software like Pinnacle or Adobe Elements. They tend to work better with consumer cameras. Premiere is for more prosumer/pro editing so it's not really made for editing the dozens upon dozens of consumer camera that come out monthly.

                                                      It's a Sony camera so I bet it would work fine with Sony Vegas. Premiere doesn't seem to want to work right with the cheaper cameras from what I gather around here. No offense at all man, keep shooting.
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                                                        I have the same camera and I don't get green frames. The only time I did was when I pulled larger files (longer length clips) directly from the camera to my PC. However, they were entirely green with no picture visable. This quit happening when I started using Canon's nearly useless software that came with the camera. This software allowed me to retrieve the entire clip in one larger file.

                                                        I am still on the lookout for what sequence presets work best for this camera if anyone has some ideas. I understand this mostly affects the final output to DVD where some people have gotten horizontal lines.

                                                        I'm also basically uneducated as to what is offered by some of these presets below:

                                                        -AVCHD 1080i25 (50i) Anamorphic
                                                        Anamorphic 1920x1080 (ex. 1440x1080) 16:9 interlaced HD at 25fps
                                                        -AVCHD 1080i25 (50i)
                                                        1920x1080 square pixels (non-anamorphic) at 16:9 interlaced HD Video at 25fps
                                                        -AVCHD 1080i30 (60i) Anamorphic
                                                        Anamorphic 1920x1080 (ex. 1440x1080) 16:9 interlaced HD at 29.97 fps drop-frame timecode numbering
                                                        -AVCHD 1080i30 (60i)
                                                        1920x1080 square pixels (non-anamorphic) 16:9 interlaced HD video at 29.97fps drop-frame timecode numbering