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    AVCHD to Blu-ray yields out-of-sync audio when not using TS

      I have a need (won't go into too many details) to render my AVCHD project as separate M4V and WAV files; I can't have the output be multiplexed as a TS. However, the audio is horribly out-of-sync unless I output as a TS. For example, if I load up a timeline with ~40min of clips from my Sony HDR-CX12 AVCHD camcorder and render as Blu-ray H.264 1920x1080i, non-multiplexed, with PCM audio, the resultant WAV file is a full four seconds shorter than the M4V file! Ouch!! I'm guessing each AVCHD clip has just slightly less audio than video, and that it just adds up in the end, but why can't Premiere accomodate this? Is there a way to have it introduce delay at each cut? Obviously, the packetizing/multiplexing process for a TS accounts for this, but again, I can't use a TS; I need a WAV file that's in step with the video.

      I also tried rendering a TS (which plays fine and doesn't have sync issues) and then demuxing with xport.exe, but this leads to the same problem.

      Thanks for any suggestions!